Entrances and glass are a building’s most vulnerable area. Glass can be shattered in seconds with a simple metal punch. If an intruder tries to breach a Defenselite protected door, they will leave empty-handed. It’s just not worth it when there are so many other opportunities.

Our UV coated security shields are not just “virtually invisible”, but unbeakable.They canot be pushed in even if the glass breaks, and it cannot be pried out. It will keep the bad guy out. It is much more effective than cameras, alarms and window films, because it actually stops the crime in progress. It is also less expensive than most other forms of security.

Defenselite’s Super Bond System, replaces mechanical fasteners. We drill no holes, and do not void any warranties. Our system arrives as a pre-engineered kit ready to go. We have engineered an aluminum framing system that adapts to all window and door types. Our frames create a stand-off from the glass we protect. The air space between the shield and the glass adds an insulating layer and also reduces interior noise levels. Our nation-wide installers perform the work quickly and quietly whether the building is occupied or not.