Live comfortably in every room of your home with 3M™ Window Films. Whether you’re concerned about excessive heat and glare, faded furnishings, security or privacy, we have a window film to help you enhance the comfort of your home.

There are a lot of reasons to install window film, but yours is the most important one.

What’s your reason?

Light streams through a sliding glass door, potentially causing hot spots.

Excessive Heat

Help eliminate hot spots to improve comfort.


The view of a wintery scene from the family room window is a reminder that window films can help keep the cold outside.

Excessive Cold

Enjoy year-round comfort throughout your home.

A special chair is placed in front of floor to ceiling windows that look out at the ocean.


Help protect your furnishings by reducing the effects of fading over time.

A young woman adjusts the temperature on her thermostat.

High Energy Costs

Help save on cooling and heating costs.

A young woman happily works on a laptop near a sunny window, unconcerned about glare.


Open your eyes to more comfortable rooms any time of the day.

A person dressed in all black tries to look into a home he might want to rob through a window with reflective, security-enhancing window films.

Safety and Security

Get peace of mind with films that help deter break-ins and protect your family from flying glass.

The windows in a brightly lit room have a decorative window film, adding beauty while enhancing privacy.

Privacy and Decorative

Create custom looks and increase privacy with high-end finishes.