Protect Window Glass, Mirrors and Stainless Steel with Anti Graffiti Film

Window glass, mirrors and stainless steel are expensive so protect them from scratches, graffiti and acid etching by having graffiti protection products installed by our experts!

Defeat vandalism, protect your business image with anti graffiti film. Integrate your building with graffiti protection products.

  • Simple to install and easily removed when damaged

  • Costs a fraction of the price of windows, mirrors and stainless steel

  • Rejects 99.9% of damaging UV rays that fade the inside of your store and expensive products

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Shield Graphics, Surfaces and Windows with 3M™ Anti-Graffiti Film

• Surface protection against most scratches, acid etching, gouges and tagging
• Easy removal
• A fraction of the cost of new glass
• 99% UV rejection helps reduce fading of display merchandise